Sundei taking it's roots from the ancient history stands for the neccessity of the sun to sustain our lives. We are inspired by nature, architectural forms, history and arts. We believe in longevity and quality of the everyday items to reflect our way of living. Every item, from garments to packaging is supplied and carefully crafted in Turkey. Our design approach is redefining modern women with subtle details, without comprimising comfort and longevity. We aim to build up a wardrobe that in time can be discovered over and over for new ways of styling. We are committed to ethics, sustainability and women's empowerement. We value transparency and aim to serve human beings and the planet with minimal environmental impact.

A Community United For Empowerment

Let’s get one thing out of the way. 

The world doesn’t need another fashion brand. There are too many out there as it is. What the world needs is unity and responsibility to be saved from excessive waste. For our future and the next generations. That’s why we’re on a mission of uniting women for awareness and empowerment. Bringing them everyday products that are in harmony with nature, produced ethically, and designed to last. 

What you wear reflects your attitude towards life. And what we wear is heavily influenced by unity, quality, and essentiality of a sustainable future. We exist to be part of the solution through the empowerment of women.

So now, every occasion is a celebration. 

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