Sundei taking it's roots from the ancient history stands for the neccessity of the sun to sustain our lives. We are inspired by nature, architectural forms, history and arts. We believe in longevity and quality of the everyday items to reflect our way of living. Every item, from garments to packaging is supplied and carefully crafted in Turkey. Our design approach is redefining modern women with subtle details, without comprimising comfort and longevity. We aim to build up a wardrobe that in time can be discovered over and over for new ways of styling. We are committed to ethics, sustainability and women's empowerement. We value transparency and aim to serve human beings and the planet with minimal environmental impact.

Making Sustainable Fashionable

Sundëi is more than a fashion brand. It’s a living community to inspire women to celebrate life all around the world. 

We see sustainability as a responsibility to both our planet and all the living creatures around us. That’s why we choose all of our materials with love and care. That means we’re not only considering the environmental impact but also how it feels when you experience it. 

Our clothes are made of natural fibers. Biodegradable and eco-friendly. Feeling and durability of a fabric matter. So we work closely with experts to use the best quality. We create versatile silhouettes that are beyond trends and considered sustainable pieces.

80% of our packaging is made from recycled papers. We are constantly in search of new ways to create more sustainable solutions for our designs. We are committed to using less paper for our packaging and making better decisions every day for the environment we live in. 

Life is beautiful. And it deserves to stay that way. So, every day is a new chance to make “sustainable” fashionable.

High-quality materials for low environmental impact.

Each piece in the Sundei wardrobe is consciously considered. We believe it’s about time that sustainable practices, along with the design, should highlight the garment's value. 

We work with high-quality materials. No compromising on the look, quality, or comfort of each piece. We intend to replace the negative environmental impact with a positive one.

The widely used fibers in our collections are; Linen, Cotton, Vegan Cupro, and Recycled Viscose. 


Linen clothing is extremely durable and long-lasting. This is because linen is renowned for being the world’s strongest natural fiber. Not getting damaged after being washed, Linen clothes only get softer and feel better to touch as time goes by. A moisture-wicking fabric, linen is breathable, light, comfortable, and thermo-regulative. However, high-quality linen does crease; and that only adds to its beauty. Because it doesn’t need to be ironed to look good. In terms of eco-friendliness, linen fabric is a reasonable option. It is biodegradable and recyclable, meaning it’s a good alternative for those who don’t want to contribute to the textile waste problem.


Cotton’s absorptive and delicate nature makes it very breathable. And no matter how soft it might be, it’s remarkably strong. It’s the sturdy quality that makes cotton long-lasting. Cotton can be renewed yearly and is biodegradable. Unlike oil-based fabrics, it doesn’t retain, hold on to odors or get dirty easily, which means it doesn’t require frequent washing. Overall, cotton helps you save water, money, and energy as your clothes last for longer.


Viscose rayon comes from cellulose, which is the primary component of plant cell walls. Famous for its silk-like texture, viscose is soft, adaptable, and absorbent. It also bears a resemblance to silk, which makes it an ideal choice for someone looking for elegance and sophistication. Moreover, much like cotton, Viscose has a comfortable and relaxed feeling to it. And when it comes to environmental impact, viscose fabric is eco-friendlier than most synthetic fibers.


Made from 100% plant-based materials, Vegan Cupro biodegrades naturally and disintegrates into the soil, losing half of its initial weight in about two months. Moreover, similar to Tencel, it is manufactured in a closed-loop. This means that the chemicals utilized during its production can be extracted and used over and over again. The water is also reused, making Vegan Cupro a very eco-friendly fabric.

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