Sundei taking it's roots from the ancient history stands for the neccessity of the sun to sustain our lives. We are inspired by nature, architectural forms, history and arts. We believe in longevity and quality of the everyday items to reflect our way of living. Every item, from garments to packaging is supplied and carefully crafted in Turkey. Our design approach is redefining modern women with subtle details, without comprimising comfort and longevity. We aim to build up a wardrobe that in time can be discovered over and over for new ways of styling. We are committed to ethics, sustainability and women's empowerement. We value transparency and aim to serve human beings and the planet with minimal environmental impact.

Deniz Bulutsuz

I am: Deniz Bulutsuz 

I’m known for being: A workaholic, control freak, chatty, black & white movie girl.  

What inspired me to become a "self-employed hard working woman": Life's surprises and the fact that one should have to have control over his limited time. 

What keeps me persistent: All the genes I got from my mom and my Albanian "stubborn" roots :) 

The words I live by are: "Family is everything. Just listen..." - Two years ago, my mom created a huge embroidery piece for me and put these words right in its center. Now it's on my wall as an art piece and every time I pass by it, I cherish our family memories together and how much I learned from them. 

The biggest problem in the world right now is: The lack of kindness in people's hearts. 

How do I act as an individual in order to contribute to solving this problem: Take small and multiple breaths before a decision, a word or taking an action. I remind myself that we are here to live a peaceful life and everyone possesses their individual struggles, thereby deserving respect and sympathy. 

What do I wear to feel empowered: All white head to toe! My go to power outfit is either a long white silk dress or a made to measure white shirt with linen trousers. 

Where do I wish I would like to be in this Sundei outfit: On a small island named Koufonisia, by the water, barefoot, holding a glass of cold Chablis... Heaven...

My latest project is: I have a collection of %100 linen, handmade placemats, and napkins crafted by my mother and grandmother. The brand's name is my grandmother's first name, UREN. As I uncover the patterns and choose the colors, my mom and grandmother breathe life into each piece.

How did I come up with the idea: I mostly grew up at my grandparent's house where cooking with family and gathering around a big table was daily rituals that united us all. My grandma is the ultimate chef and she has this gift that everything she touches turns out delicious. Meanwhile, my mom possesses the finesse of an interior designer, especially when it comes to crafting table settings that are flawlessly arranged, regardless of the circumstances:) Overtime, I realized I was having hard time finding the simple yet elegant tableware.

I started buying colorful linens from Italy and giving them to my grandmother, allowing her to transform them into my personalized tableware. My guests were always asking me about these pieces but I wanted to keep it all to myself back then :)  A year ago, I realized combining our talents and creating a brand touched by tree generations of women in my family can actually be a great way of connecting us forever. Now, we have the privilege of being a part of other joyous tables, sharing in their narratives and celebrations.

What it means to me: The idea of creating something together with my mom and my grandma, just we always do with family our family gatherings, fills my heart with warmth. I envision UREN pieces becoming cherished guests at someone's table, rather than mere acquired objects lacking character. This project will create an additional profound bond within my family that has the potential to resonate with other tables.

Where can people find it: The website is anticipated to go live by the end of September. You'll have the choice of either online shopping through Instagram and the website or being a welcomed guest at our table :)



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